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Facials, Lashes and Brows, Body Waxing

Dianna has been practicing therapeutic massage for 17 years, master esthetics for 16 years. She has a deep passion for local organic Skin care. "I LOVE that I can give my clients skin a fresh and clean product experience free from harmful parabens and fragrances with results. I absolutely believe the skin responds much better to ingredients it can relate to. I know exactly where these products are coming from and I know exactly who is making them. That's another reason why I prefer to customize your mask to your skin of the day using raw ingredients in my backbar. Our skin changes day to day, week to week, and definitely month to month, and most certainly season to season. So I don't believe there are routines or specific rules to follow in the treatment room"  

Signature Facial

$80 - 55 Minutes

Take care of your face with a facial using organic locally crafted skin care especially gentle on delicate facial tissue.  Includes cleansing of the face and décolleté, gentle mechanical exfoliation, refining mask, and hydrating moisturizer.

Express Facial

$50 - 25 Minutes

This facial is designed for those that just need a quick and rejuvenating "facial fix" to hold them over until they "Take Time"  includes gentle cleansing, exfoliating mask, and moisturize.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

$85 - 60 Minutes

It is extremely valuable in facial rejuvenation to Specifically target congested pores. Your facial will begin with a gentle cleansing and manual exfoliation, followed by an enzyme mask to break through the deeper layer of congestion. Extractions will follow; and the service will end with a refining mask and high frequency treatment to remove  impurities and heal the skin.

Brightening Facial

$90 - 55 Minutes

Looking for a little more? This facial is perfect for introducing peels to your skins life. Great for all skin types including problematic skin.

There is no downtime with this peel, just pure radiance. The concoction of goodness includes citric acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, and green tea extract. Also great for teens 15+

*****Must discontinue all topical retinol products 1 week before facial****

Dermaplaning Facial

$100 - 60 Minutes

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating method using a #10 blade to scrape off the dead skin layer and Vellus hairs commonly referred to as "peach fuzz". This facial leaves your skin smoother and visibly healthier looking. Not suitable for clients with active acne.

***Must discontinue all topical Retinol products 1 week prior***

Glycolic Acid Peel (50%)

$100 - 45 Minutes

This peel is a mild-medium grade peel designed to rejuvenate, even skin tone and texture, and allows for proper penetration of your skin care products. Great for all skin types.

Lactic Acid Peel (70%)

$100 - 45 Minutes

Mild - Medium grade chemical peel designed to help even hyperpigmentation and brighten your complexion.

Facial Add Ons

Hand or Foot Paraffin - $15 (each)


Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Eyelash LIFT - $45

Eyelash LIFT and Tint - $75

Eyelash Tint - $30
Eyebrow Tint - $15

Brow Lamination - $60

Brow Lamination and Tint - $75

Hair Removal

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal extracting the hair from the "bulb" which is the root. Please allow hair to be at least 1/4th of an inch before waxing for best results. This type of hair removal removes unwanted hair for up to 2-6 weeks. Waxing is not recommended for individuals on medication such as Retin-A and Accutane.

All Prices starting at...     


Eyebrows - $12

Lip - $15

Chin - $15

Full Face - $30

Arms - $45

Half Legs - $50

Full Legs - $75

Underarm - $30

Ladies Bikini - $50

Ladies Brazilian - $75