Therapeutic Massage and Body Treatments










Therapeutic/Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage ~ Allow our skilled Massage Therapists to relieve your tired, overworked muscles with a variety of techniques tailored to your body's individual needs.

                                                                                   30 min. $35  60 min. $65. 90 min. $90



Prenatal Massage ~ Take a moment for yourself as our specially trained therapists relieve the stress that your pregnancy can have on a woman's mind and body. We have designed a massage specifically meant to target and ease the tension this wonderful but difficult journey brings. Comforted by a pile of fluffy pillows in a side lying position this is not just a luxury, for the pregnant mind and body it's a must.

 50 min.  $65


Reflexology of the Feet ~ a controlled pressure specifically addressing the nervous system on the bottom of your feet relieving tension associated to the entire body using "accupressure" followed by a salt glow to help further rid your feet of any toxins that may have been brought to the surface during the treatment

 50 min.   $60



Sugar/Salt GlowEnjoy full body exfoliation using a seasonally housemate sugar/salt scrub to slough off expired skin cells and reveal a healthy full body glow. salt adds a detoxifying effect, while sugar adds more moisture. This treatment uses the application of hot towels to dissolve and wipe away the sugar/salt followed by a light pressure moisturizing massage,

 60 min.   $65



Hot Stones ~ $20

Cupping ~ $15

Sugar/Salt Glow on back ~ $15

Salt Glow and Massage For Feet ~ $15